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Program News

2016 Football Award Winners

Most Contribution with Least Recognition
Senior: Noah Perkins & Kyle Turner
Junior: Chris Cameron

Rookie of the Year
Senior: Ben Hanaford

Jeff Klaus Memorial Award- Most Improved
Senior: Dillion Stor
Junior: Colby Saunders

Fighting Heart
Senior: Chase Avery
Junior: Justin Giesbrecht

Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman
Senior: TJ Ubell-Shoppa & James Duffey JR
Junior: Nick Sembaliuk

Most outstanding Defensive Lineman
Senior: Tyreece Rockwell & Josh Irons
Junior: Noah Leavitt

Darrell Souster Memorial Award- Academic Excellence
Senior: Eric Williams
Junior: Randall Chan

Special Teams Player of the Year
Senior: Jake Withrow
Junior: Matt Gargus

Defensive MVP
Senior: Josiah Schakel
Junior: Randall Chan

Offensive MVP
Senior: Chuba Hubbard
Junior: Isaiah Wells

Leadership & Citizenship Award
Senior: Eric Williams

Team MVP
Senior: Chuba Hubbard
Junior: Josh Runolfson

Spring Camp 2017 Registration is now open. All Zoned incoming students and current Bev Facey Students are welcome to register. Please email Coach Martin at curtis.martin@eips.ca with any questions.

Bev Facey Wellness Center has now officially opened!

Bev Facey Wellness Center has now officially opened! This state-of-the-art facility sets a new standard of training excellence that is unmatched across the province. Our Team Lifts will continue after school with our Strength & Conditioning staff up to Spring Camp. All new and current players are welcome to participate. These sessions are also open to any student at Bev Facey who is looking to increase their fitness level!

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